About Us

Company Bio: 
At Mour Cap positivity is our purpose. We create unique, high quality hats that incorporate positive vibes in every design. Playing off the term “No Cap”, you’re not going to be talking less about our hats, because we don’t create regular designs and there’s always going to be more to the cap.
Our limit defying designs aim to inspire creatives to be artistically free to express themselves wherever their work lands them. Creativity is being who you are, and it should speak volumes. 
“Be Free, Be You, Be Artistic, Be confident, Be Humble, Be Hungry.” 
Personal Bio: 
Lowkei was born and raised in Los Angeles and he owes a lot of his inspiration to the city. With street fashion being a major influence on his life, he makes sure to create with the feel of the streets showing throughout all of his work.
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